Alpha in Small Groups

Churches are equipping their leaders to run Alpha in small groups for their friends. This strategy is helping create new and multiplying small groups, and making disciples who make disciples.

Making disciples who make disciples

Discipleship and Sharing the Good News of Jesus go hand in hand. Churches have shown us that Alpha can be used in small groups to grow and multiply mission-minded disciples of Jesus. Here’s how:

  • Training and equipping leaders to run Alpha in small groups for their friends. Often these small groups run alongside a centralized Alpha.
  • The small group Alphas continue on as new small groups after the course ends. The group consists of leaders, friends new to the faith, and those still exploring faith.
  • These new small groups decide to run another Alpha for their friends. As the numbers multiply they divide into new small groups.
  • People new to the faith become a part of helping and hosting an Alpha, and actively sharing Jesus with their friends.

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Are you a pastor responsible for your church’s small group ministry?

Tim is available to walk you through what it could look like for you to equip your leaders to run Alpha in small groups this season.

Alpha provides the training

MyAlpha’s online platform has all the training and resources you need to equip your small group leaders to host and invite their friends to Alpha.

Alpha has a resource to inspire people to invite their friends into conversations about Jesus

The Life Shared Small Group Series was specifically designed to spark conversation, prayer, and action leading up to an Alpha launch or a moment of invitation in your church. It consists of three small group sessions to encourage and equip anyone to share their faith. This is a fantastic training resource for sharing the Good News of Jesus leading up to or coming out of Alpha. Life Shared Small Group Series is a completely free resource for churches to use!

Alpha Film Series with Discussion Breaks

Featuring the same loved content, but with added discussion breaks in between, this new feature is an extremely valuable resource for small group leaders.

The interspersed discussion breaks make it easier for small group leaders to facilitate conversation when the ideas presented are fresh in everyone’s mind.

How is Village Church using Alpha to launch small groups?

Kim was approached by a couple at the church who wanted to run Alpha for a small group of their friends. Village Church trained and equipped Aida and Emerson to host an Alpha which became a catalyst for launching a new small group community. 

Watch the Village Church story to see how Alpha in small groups can be used by churches to make disciples who make disciples! 

Sharing the Good News of Jesus Through Small Group Ministry – A Conversation With Ed Stetzer

Leading missiologist, Ed Stetzer, joined Alpha Canada for a conversation about how small group ministry and personal evangelism are the primary methods to share the gospel today.

We’re here to help! We have 1-1 Coaching available to answer your questions about running Alpha in small groups this Fall.

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