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A new series to equip students to share life, faith and Jesus
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LIFE ON PURPOSE is designed to serve teens by helping them make the connection between meaning, belonging, impact, and the joy of having their friends come to know Jesus.

The brand new LIFE ON PURPOSE series was designed with youth pastors and youth workers in mind. We know equipping this generation for mission and sharing their faith can be one of the hardest parts of ministry, but at the same time incredibly vital and transformative.

This series offers compelling student stories that are relational and relatable to youth, teaching from Biblical experts on topics around faith and sharing your faith, and discussion questions to engage young people.

  • 4 Episodes
  • 4 Weeks


Azande Mbhele and Jeremiah Modino

Azande Mbhele

Azande has been a youth worker for nearly 10 years. She has worked for Alpha UK as the Youth Director, envisioning and equipping the local church on why and how to run Alpha Youth, and she is currently the Global Alpha Youth Communications Manager, creating engaging ways to help young people have important conversations about life, faith and purpose.

Jeremiah Modino

Jeremiah is an Ordained Minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and has served in the pastorate for the last eight years. Jeremiah has been involved in student ministry in Metro Vancouver as a local youth pastor and is part of the leadership of 604 Network, which is an ecumenical—relational network for youth ministries and youth workers in Metro Vancouver.


Aisha Sharifa

Aisha is a passionate worship leader, who loves writing songs from the scriptures. She was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is the co-founder of the Toronto House of Prayer (THOP) and served as Director for 14yrs.

Jason Ballard

Jason is a pastor at The Way Church in Vancouver, BC, and leads Canadian Church Leaders Network (CCLN). He is one of the Hosts on the Alpha Youth Series.

Heather Khym

Heather is an established speaker and worship leader with over 25 years of experience. Her passion is in evangelization, discipleship, and creating an environment for people to have a personal encounter with God.

Joyce Rees

Joyce is a pastor at Epic Vineyard in Calgary, AB. She’s also one of the Hosts on the Down to Earth podcast. Her heart is for the next generation and coming to know Jesus as their personal Saviour.


Ben Woodman

Alpha Youth Series Host

Tim Gonsalves

Alpha Youth National Director

Shaila Visser

Alpha Canada National Director
& Senior Vice President at Alpha International

Dan Blythe

Alpha Youth Global Director

What’s Included

LIFE ON PURPOSE comes with everything you need to get started, and everything is available for free.

All Episodes via Download (including subtitled versions)
Discussion Guide for Participants
Leaders Guide for Hosts
Promotional Resources

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How to get the most out of LIFE ON PURPOSE

This four-episode series works well as an envisioning and training resource for youth groups in mission and sharing their faith.

It’s designed as a lead-up towards an evangelistic or missional initiative such as an outreach event, missions trip, or student-led Alpha.

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