Share the gospel and give your Chinese neighbours, friends, and family the opportunity to encounter Jesus through a fully contextualized version of the Alpha Film Series.



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Chinese Alpha Film Series

Share the gospel and give your Chinese neighbours, friends, and family the opportunity to encounter Jesus through a fully contextualized version of the Alpha Film Series.
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The Chinese Alpha Film Series is Alpha’s first fully contextualized version of the Alpha Film Series. Filmed entirely in Chinese, the series allows audiences to explore life, faith, and meaning through culturally relevant content. The series is filmed in seven locations around the world. Rev. Andrew Chai is joined by two young hosts and other renowned leaders to unpack the basics of the Christian faith in an updated and engaging way.

15 Episodes – 11 Weeks

Modelled after the Alpha Film Series, the CAFS presents the same opportunity for Chinese-speaking guests to explore the basics of the Christian faith through an Eastern worldview. With local testimonies and sharing by local experts, the CAFS presents the Gospel as a truth that transcends cultural barriers and is applicable in the lives and contexts of the guests.

  • 15 Sessions
  • 11 Weeks

The Church in Asia is growing.

Each year about 200,000 people attend an Alpha in Asia and have the opportunity to hear the gospel and encounter Jesus for themselves.

Numbering at close to 1.5 billion people out of the entire global population, the Chinese are the largest ethnic people group in the world with Mandarin being the second most spoken language globally.

In Canada alone, we have 1.9 million Chinese people. The potential is enormous, and with a tool like the CAFS, so many more Chinese people can be reached with the Gospel. To be able to connect with the gospel in one’s heart language and hear stories and testimonies from people who look like us with similar life experiences is life changing. This is why we have created the Chinese Alpha Film Series.

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Rev. Andrew Chai

Rev. Andrew is a Malaysian-born Chinese from Kuching, Sarawak who is currently a missionary to Dresden, Germany for Europe Campus Ministry (ECM), reaching out to Chinese students. He and his wife Amy have 2 children, Abiel and Alissa.

 Li Guang

Li Guang established the Best Blessing Foundation in 2019 with her husband, a non-profit organization in the United States dedicated to sharing the Gospel through arts and culture. With extensive experience shooting and producing commercials, short stories, documentaries and more, her recent work “Home of Mephibosheth” received a total of 9 International Film Awards.

Professor Beverly Yu

With a Ph.D. in Physics, Professor Beverly has served as Professor and Director of the Institute of Physics and Medical Engineering at the National Yang Ming University in Taiwan, and as a Professor of Physics at Boston University. She has been engaged in medical signal processing and MRI research for many years. After retirement, she worked with campus fellowships to send out missionaries to Europe.

Professor Paul Chien

Professor Paul is a nature-lover who became a theist. He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, obtained his Ph.D. from the University of California, and was a post-doctoral fellow at Caltech. His research interests include animal physiology, toxicology of heavy metal pollution, and the Cambrian explosion. Professor Paul has published many research papers and written many popular science translation series.

What’s included

Alpha comes with everything you need to get started, and everything is available for free.

15 Episode videos + 1 Intro to the Weekend Away Video
Digital Leaders’ Guide & Promo Materials
5 Training Videos

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