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We have an opportunity like never before to share the hope of Jesus with our nation.

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2020 has been a year of disruption and change. We’ve all felt the impact. People are facing big challenges and asking even bigger questions. We also sense a tremendous opportunity. The Holy Spirit is moving across Canada and mobilizing Christians to look outward.

Join churches from coast-to-coast to invite friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to discover a relationship with Jesus.

The Online Experience

Alpha is now available to host as an online experience. Churches who have run Alpha online this spring have seen significant impact on the guests and leaders who took part.

Alpha online opens the door of your church to new people who would never have come on Alpha otherwise

Guests are more likely to keep coming back consistently session after each session

Alpha online engages and mobilizes young people in an even greater capacity

Alpha online develops long-term disciples and leaders in your church

Alpha online can be mobilized quickly with minimal resources

Alpha Online Story from London, ON

Nadia Zeversenuke, an Alpha Leader at Forest City Church in London, Ontario shares how her entire small group came to faith during their online Alpha! And this was only in the first few weeks.

Small Group Success

As churches re-open in a limited capacity and people can safely meet in small groups again, Alpha is perfectly suited to run in homes and small groups.

Churches are experiencing success running a greater quantity of smaller Alphas, empowering their leaders to host Alpha at multiple times in multiple contexts and environments, as appropriate in their region.

We encourage all churches to follow the guidelines mandated by the public health authorities in their region if hosting in smaller groups.

New on-demand support

The team at Alpha has been busy building and rolling out a new suite of tools and resources to support you in this season:

On-demand coaching
Updated training resources
National training events in September
Regional cohorts for peer-to-peer support
Brand new invitational resources
Webinars and learning labs

Fall Alpha Timeline

Aug – Sept

New Resources Available
A new suite of resources will be released to help engage your church community and potential guests, and equip your Alpha leaders heading into the fall season.

Prayer is an essential part of running an Alpha and we encourage all groups to begin praying for their teams and the guests and to carry on praying right through the duration of Alpha.

Sept – Oct

Life Shared Small Group Series
Have your church community go through this free 3-week small group series together to inspire and equip them to invite someone they know to Alpha.

Alpha Invitation Push & Unified Launch
Leading up to your fall Alpha launch, start promoting Alpha a few weeks out and encourage your congregation and Alpha leaders to invite.

National Alpha Training
Invite your Alpha team to attend one of our upcoming training webinars with other leaders from across Canada.


Alpha Weekend/Day
One of the most pivotal moments on Alpha is the Alpha Weekend/Day where guests are introduced to the Holy Spirit and are given space to experience God’s love in a whole new way.

Be sure to plan ahead and work with your team and utilize our new training resources for hosting this experience online.

New Promotional Resources

– New church and guest promotional videos
– New digital and print assets for running Alpha online or in small groups
– Invitational and prayer resources for the entire church

Student story from Moncton, NB

Pat Steeves, a youth pastor from Moncton, New Brunswick shares with us his experience running Alpha online and seeing students come to faith, grow in invitation, and experience physical healing!

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