Alpha at Forest City Community Church

Find out how FCCC uses Alpha to inspire and equip people to share their faith

Inspiring a culture of invitation

Building missionary disciples

Reaching people who don’t know Jesus with the gospel


Forest City Community Church (FCCC) in London, ON was planted over 27 years ago by Pastor Rob and Coby Hogendoorn. From the earliest days of the church plant, Rob and Coby had the vision of orienting the culture and mission of their church to reaching the 85% of people in Canada who don’t know Jesus.

Watch how Alpha makes ministry fresh for Pastor Rob Hogendoorn


As FCCC has grown, Alpha is used multiple times every year to ensure that their congregation remains focused on sharing the gospel with the 85%; their friends, family and neighbours. Alpha provides the tools and resources to train and equip their volunteers to run an amazing Alpha experience.

FCCC runs Alpha 3x per year and currently in a variety of formats as they began to run Alpha online during the COVID-19 pandemic. This rhythm of running Alpha continuously gives their congregation a space that they can always invite their friends into conversations about Jesus.


Alpha has been used by FCCC to help develop a culture of invitation and a leadership pipeline where volunteers on Alpha grow in their leadership abilities and move on to serve in leadership positions in other areas of the church.

The content of Alpha has provided a boot camp experience for people in their community to explore and understand the foundations of Christian faith, and encounter the Holy Spirit during special moments of prayer ministry.

Watch Erin’s Alpha Story from FCCC

“I did not grow up in a Christian environment. I didn’t even know what the gospel was. When I walked in the doors to my first week of Alpha everyone was so friendly, and open, and nonjudgmental, and it was just such a relaxing environment to be in. I was so taken back by people’s stories, and the beauty of Jesus Christ. In those moments, Jesus became so real to me.”

-Erin, Alpha guest (now volunteer) at FCCC
“I think one of the reasons Alpha works really well for us as a church is, we not only use it as a tool, but we also see such incredible fruit that comes out of it. Even if you have evangelism as a core value, you’re not always connected personally, with the people that are processing these claims of Jesus. And this is one of the things about Alpha that helps a church like ours because it puts us into really close proximity with people on that questioning journey so that they’re not like a nameless crowd. They become friends. They become people that you know and you love.” – Rob Hogendoorn, Lead Pastor at FCCC

Alpha Masterclass with Rob Hogendoorn

Taking from the experience and learnings from running Alpha at FCCC for years, this Masterclass with Rob goes through how Alpha has helped his church prioritize evangelism, build a culture of invitation, create a leadership pipeline and share the gospel with their community.

Watch the complete Alpha Masterclass

The Alpha Masterclass sessions from FCCC cover the 7 best practices for creating an amazing Alpha experience for your team and Alpha guests. You can find the complete Masterclass on the MyAlpha digital platform.

MyAlpha has all the training, resources, and promotional material you need to plan and run an Alpha – whether in-person, online or in small groups.

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