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Find out how Hope Community uses Alpha to inspire and equip people to share their faith

Helping people discover their
God-given potential

Building missionary disciples

Creating a space where every one feels welcome


Pastor Phil Kniesel and his wife Marla moved to Edmonton in 2006 to serve at Hope City Church and quickly fell in love with the city. The vision of HCC is to make faith relevant to today’s culture and help individuals discover and live out their God-given potential. HCC uses Alpha as a primary tool to support creating a space where all people are welcome and have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Watch Pastor Phil Kniesel talk about the impact of Alpha on his church.


One of HCC’s core values is to be a church that is outward-focused, where talking about and telling others the gospel is a vital component. A primary way HCC goes after integrating this value into their church culture is by running Alpha.

During COVID, HCC ran multiple Alpha courses online, on different days of the week.

Using the new resources Alpha created to support churches running Alpha online, HCC has found that the online format is an easy and effective way to continue to engage their church and reach people with the gospel during the pandemic.


Running Alpha on a regular basis over the years has helped HCC to develop an invitational culture and build a culture of personal evangelism, where the congregation feels inspired and equipped to share the gospel.

As HCC has run Alpha, the leadership of the church has found that it’s a tool that serves them by keeping their hearts soft and their vision sharp. Hearing stories of transformation on a regular basis has inspired the lead team to keep sharing the Good News of Jesus as a primary focus of HCC.

In the last 5 years HCC has: 

-Run 18 alphas
-Seen 40 people come to faith as indicated in guest survey forms
-Invited 400+ guests

Watch Dan’s Alpha Story from Hope City Church

“It changed everything with my life going forward. We put God first in everything we do now-In our marriage, in our parenting, in our jobs, everything. He can lead better than anyone. We’ve built some really good friendships along the way and we’ve been welcomed into this church. We look forward to leading the Christian life. When I signed up for Alpha, I thought it was just going to be me, but to have my wife and my kids fully engaged in this process because of Alpha, it’s unbelievable.”

-Dan, Alpha guest (now volunteer) at HCC
“We’ll see people start in Alpha and then move into different areas in the church, but also take what they’ve learned in Alpha and the leadership skills and the kingdom principles and put them into business. That’s a win, too. Alpha has been great for seeing brand new believers and spiritually curious people taking that next step in leadership at our church” – Ken McIntyre, Associate Pastor at Hope City Church

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We’ve created an in-depth guide to running Alpha online as well as new Alpha online team training videos You can find these new resources on the MyAlpha digital platform.

MyAlpha has all the training, resources, and promotional material you need to plan and run an Alpha – whether in-person, online or in small groups.

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