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An exclusive space for members of the Canadian Hub Church Network

As an Alpha Hub Church, you not only facilitate amazing Alphas, you also embody strong Alpha culture and a heart for evangelism. You are passionate about seeing churches across Canada flourish.

This exclusive, members-only portal gives you access to Alpha Canada branding guidelines, digital assets, specialized video training, promotional assets, and early access to new Alpha products. 

“My center point was me, and it wasn’t a good center point.”

Tammy Giffen, Pastor

Tammy came to faith on an Alpha course which went on to impact her husband, sister, and brother-in-law coming to know Jesus. Tammy ended up pastoring the church where she first encountered God and is now the Pastor of Groundswell in Canada.

The impact of your gift

In 2022…

89,270 people experienced Alpha Individuals who were hosted as guests by local churches

Of those, 25,737 people entered into a relationship with Jesus. 

33,723 people volunteered with Alpha and were equipped to share their faith

4,002 Alphas, including 1,265 Alphas for Youth, and 576 Alphas in a Catholic context were run.

7,584 leaders in Canada were trained through online events

1,330,093+ people experienced Alpha in 2022

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Alpha Hub Churches are ambassadors of Alpha to other strategic churches within their province and Canada.
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Upcoming Events

Bring other churches along on your Alpha journey. Share your Alpha Team Training events with us for publication on our events page.

Ryan Moffat

National Director of Church Engagement

Esther Lysakovsky

Senior Advisor

Ed Zadeiks

Alpha in a Catholic Context National Director

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