Reimaging What’s Next for Evangelism in Canada

Alpha provides tools and resources for the Church—to serve and grow together as well as to help friends, family and neighbours encounter Jesus.

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What does it look like for a congregation to flourish? Signs of Life draws on Canadian-based social scientific research with Catholic, mainline and conservative Protestant church leaders as well as those in the pews. Alongside observation and analysis, this book deals with a range of challenging theological insights and questions, plus offers numerous practical considerations and possibilities for congregations who wish to flourish.

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National Alpha Team Training

This training session is for anyone running Alpha and your team. Even if it’s only you leading an Alpha for a small group of your friends, this event will equip and train you on the details and best practices for running Alpha.

You’ll hear from the Alpha team on what makes a successful Alpha experience, followed by an interactive Learning Lab in breakout groups on dedicated topic areas.

Learn everything you need to kickstart your Alpha this fall.


Alpha is a free resource delivered through MyAlpha, an online platform. There you’ll find the Alpha Learning Centre and all the tools, training materials, and support for you to run Alpha year after year.

Inspiring and Equipping People to Share Their Faith

Evangelism can sound intimidating, but at Alpha, we believe it simply starts with a life shared. The Life Shared Series is a three-part series designed to encourage and equip everyone in the church to share their faith. 

Through Biblical teaching from leading Christian voices and real stories of invitation, each session explores what it means to live out God’s call to share our lives and our faith with friends, colleagues, and neighbours.

It has been designed to spark conversation, prayer, and action leading up to an Alpha launch or a moment of invitation in your church (e.g. Christmas/Easter services).

“This small group environment and the people that were there who just really wanted to love on me, shifted my perspective on what it meant to be a Christian. It helped open up my heart to actually hear the truth of who Jesus is and how that applied to my life, which I was never open to before I walked into the building that night.”

Tami prided herself on being self-reliant and tackling major life stressors on her own strength. After struggling through the fall out of her parent’s divorce, Tami’s mother-in-law began to persistently invite her to attend an Alpha at her local church and Tami finally agreed to go.

When she walked in the door on the first evening of Alpha she immediately felt the presence of the Holy Spirit through the love of the people there.

Tami gave her life to Jesus and He radically changed the trajectory of her life. Tami was called into ministry and is now the Lead Pastor of Groundswell Church in Truro, Nova Scotia. Running Alpha is a key part of Groundswell’s strategy to create a culture of invitation, hospitality, and evangelism.

Kim, the Discipleship Ministry Associate at Village Church, BC was approached by a couple who wanted to run Alpha for a small group of their friends. Village Church trained and equipped Aida and Emerson to host an Alpha which became a catalyst for launching a new small group community. 

“What we saw happen in these Alpha small groups was about 70 to 80% of them continued on into a small group. Some of them have people who have still not yet given their life to Christ. The leader is now discipling people in this group to lead Alpha themselves. And these are people who’d only taken Alpha the year before. So it is this beautiful model of disciples who make disciples, who make disciples.”

“We wanted to do Alpha again. We wanted to experience it again. And then we were told you guys will come in as helpers to help other people experience what you experienced.”

Jonas and Natasha decided to attend an Alpha online through their local parish. They wanted to explore their questions about faith and as each week of Alpha passed, Jonas and Natasha became more confident of the truth of the gospel.

During a moment of prayer ministry, Jonas was healed of his addiction to marijuana. Going through Alpha brought them closer together as a family and got them excited to share their Alpha experience with others. Now Jonas and Natasha are helpers on Alpha with their parish, Saint Ignatius of Loyola in Montreal.

“We speak believability in the Gospel for transformation today. We say ‘no’ to the voices that say evangelism is too hard, too costly, that no one is interested. We are people who say yes to God, who speak bravely, who invite the church into Holy Spirit-fueled evangelism. And we will pray and activate ourselves for the sake of the future church. Not just today but for 30 years from now.”

– Shaila Visser, National Director Alpha Canada

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