Tristan’s Story

Here at Alpha, we love highlighting when the Body of Christ works together in unity to proclaim the Gospel. For Tristan, the youth pastor at Saint Ignatius of Loyola Parish in Montreal, working with other pastors and church members is something he finds to be not only fun but also extremely efficient and productive to reach the most amount of people.

Tristan found that Alpha online allowed him to bring even more people together to run Alpha and to come as guests. As he describes, it’s easier to set up a meeting with a Zoom link compared to a meeting in a park or restaurant.

Tristan invited his fellow youth pastor, Kevin, (From Holy Name of Jesus Church in Laval, Que.) to join his ministry together with Saint Ignatius to run Alpha online for youth.

“We work together, we have fun together,” says Tristan. “We are not two separate churches – Holy name of Jesus and Saint Ignatius of Loyola. We are the Church, the Body of Christ. We are here for Jesus, learning with and from each other about his love for each of us. With Alpha, we don’t let barriers like geography limit us or prevent inviting others to know God. We always want to give others a chance to meet God.”

Looking for a way to help the youth in your city to serve together?

Thousands of youth across Canada have run Alpha for their friends. It’s an awesome way to equip and empower youth to share the gospel and create a space where their friends can come and ask life’s big questions.

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