Alpha Youth Series Refresh

Alpha Youth Series Refresh is available now! Showcasing new voices, conversations, and ideas from Gen Z. 

Available Now!

Our first ever Alpha Youth Film Series was launched in 2013. Over the years the series has evolved and been updated to include stories that are relevant, relational, and relatable for students as we continue to encourage conversation around life, faith, meaning, and purpose.

In this refresh, we’re showcasing new voices, conversations, and ideas from Gen Z.

The hope of this new refresh is that it would continue to catalyze students for student-led Alphas. In doing so, we want the Alpha Youth Series Refresh to represent the current cultural moment we are in. 

What’s does the refresh include?

Updated Couch Conversation breaks with Gen Z 

Updated Student-Led Alpha Kit 

New Promotional Resources to help promote Alpha 

New Social Graphics and Videos 

New Prayer Cards and Invitation Cards

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