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Alpha Youth creates a space for young people to hold meaningful conversations about life, faith and purpose. Tools to run the 9-week Alpha series in-person or online are available now.

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More than ever before, young people are asking questions about life and meaning. With Alpha, you can create a space for them to wrestle with their thoughts and share their opinions in a safe and friendly environment. Sign up to receive our monthly curated newsletter of resources and articles to help lift you & your youth ministry.

Now available

LIFE ON PURPOSE is designed to serve teens by helping them make the connection between meaning, belonging, impact, and the joy of having their friends come to know Jesus.

The four-episode series works well as envisioning and training for your youth group or individual youth as a lead-up to hosting Youth Alpha.

Preview the episodes and sign up to download the new series.


  • Tools to make your sessions fun and engaging (with new online game suggestions)
  • Build a deeper sense of community in each session


  • Access the entire 13 episodes of the Alpha Youth Series for free
  • Each episode teaches a different topic of the Christian faith


  • Based on an easy to use, interactive format
  • Discussion Guide to help take conversations even deeper
  • Simple ideas for anyone to host a dynamic small group discussion

How do I get started?

After you sign up online, we’ll show you how to create a space where people who wouldn’t normally come to church feel comfortable having a discussion about God.

We’ll provide you with tools and training to equip your team to run Alpha and inspire the church to invite their friends.

Then you’ll get access to everything you need to run Alpha.

Since October 2017

Alpha has helped more than 35,000 leaders around the world spark meaningful conversations with youth.

Youth leaders are finding that Alpha online:

Reaches more young people

It’s accessible to youth everywhere.

Empowers and engages youth

Youth are more likely to try and run Alpha when it’s online.

Grows strong leaders

Puts responsibility and ownership into the hands of students.

Changes lives

Youth are encountering Jesus for the first time on video.

Students are encountering Jesus for the first time online.

“We got to do Alpha online with people all around our city and it was just amazing ’cause we’re not all in one school and we united students faster than ever before. We had the privilege to witness Jesus enter the hearts of a couple of our friends and renew people’s hearts and refresh them.”

– Winston, student, Calgary, AB

Over the past two years, we’ve seen Alphas running in high schools all led by students from other youth groups that we brought together. Alpha was the primary tool to put in their hands, and we’ve seen a few thousand people go through Alpha through the obedience of these students.

James Clarence,
Youth and Young Adults Pastor, First Assembly Church, Calgary AB

Alpha provides a fresh, fast-paced introduction to the Christian faith which can capture a young person’s imagination and set them on the road to finding or discovering faith.

Rachel Gardner,
Director of National Work, Youthscape

Youth Alpha has been a catalyst for our ministry this year. Not only are we seeing our committed kids owning their faith in new and profound ways, but we are also seeing many kids making first time decisions to follow Christ through the series.

Erik McRitchie,
Youth Pastor, RockPointe Church, Calgary AB

Student-Led Alpha

The Alpha Youth Series is a great tool for students to use to share the gospel with their friends; whether during a school lunch hour, at their home, online, or in a coffee shop.

Watch Ewen’s story to see the impact of Alpha on his friends in Pincher Creek, Alberta.

How do I run Alpha for my friends?

Connect with a youth worker

Connect with a youth worker to journey with you as you run Alpha.

Sign up on MyAlpha

Sign up on MyAlpha to access training tools, invitational material and student resources.

Gather other students together

Work with your youth worker to help gather some other students who can host Alpha with you.

Guide: Running Alpha for Youth Online

For more tips on online hospitality, prayer ministry, and how to do the Alpha Weekend, download this guide.

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