Does God Heal Today?

We had the wonderful privilege of hearing yet another story of miraculous healing during moments of prayer ministry on Alpha. This story came out of Saint Alphonsus Catholic Parish in Edmonton, Alberta. Course Administrator, William Smiley, shared the story with us in his words.

During the “Does God Heal Today?” session six people were healed! This is one story. One of our team got a word of knowledge “jaw and neck pain.” One of the guests, Michelle, had suffered from pain in her jaw and neck for 8 years. She had been to doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors with no relief and she was quite worried about her condition and was constantly cautious about not hurting herself more, very careful about how she moved and unable to play sports or dance.

During prayer in the large group she was healed! She received the word and felt immediate relief in her neck. She started to do neck rolls (something she had been unable to do previously) and felt no pain! Thank you Jesus!

When she told the Alpha group about her healing at the session the next week she said that she realized that if God cared enough about her to heal her neck, He could take care of anything. She said she was having some challenges at work which, in the past, would have made her anxious and would have also exacerbated the pain in her neck. On her way home from work she realized that not only did she have no pain in her neck and jaw, she was also not feeling anxious! And she thanked God.

But the story gets better! Michelle was talking to her mother who lives in The Philippines on Facetime. Her father had recently suffered from a stroke. He could not walk and had trouble talking. He had a bell that he rang when he needed help. Her mother was very worried about him and about their business because now all the responsibility fell on her. Michelle was feeling like she wanted to help and support them but she was so far from them. Then she remembered that she had been prayed for at Alpha and that God had healed her. And although she had never done anything like that before, she asked her mom if she could pray for her dad. Her mom said yes but did not seem to think it would be much help.

Michelle began to pray a simple prayer – something like “Jesus I know that you are the Healer and that you still heal today. In Jesus’ name, I pray for my father to be healed.”

While she was praying someone came to tell her mother that her husband was calling her from downstairs. She went down to the kitchen carrying the phone and met her husband walking toward her! She got excited and started yelling “God is good! God is good!” Michelle told her mom to turn the phone around so she could see her dad. And then they got so excited that they hung up on her!

She called back in a few days. Her father had been to the doctor and he is doing much better. His speech is getting better and he is getting stronger. He had a major breakthrough during that prayer time and is 80% healed! Glory be to God!!

A further development – Michelle’s father was a self-sufficient and successful businessman. He had little interest or time for a spiritual life. When he was healed he felt touched by God and now he wants to know Him better.

He is now praying daily with his wife, his sister, and Michelle on Facetime. His speech was affected by the stroke. Michelle is a registered Speech Therapist and she is using the prayer time to do therapy with her father. She is coaching everyone to slow down and speak clearly and encourages her dad to pray out loud. Prayer is therapy on so many levels.

And here is another beautiful development. I told Steph, a new Christian, the story of Michelle praying long distance for her father and his healing. Steph’s fiancé Jeff lives in another city and they talk daily on Zoom. Jeff was very sick with the flu and feeling terrible. That night Steph was praying in her bed and she remembered Michelle’s experience. Laying there she prayed something like “Jesus, I believe that you still heal today. Please heal Jeff.” The next day Jeff woke up feeling fine! Steph told him “That’s Jesus! That’s Jesus! I prayed to Jesus and he healed you!” Jeff wasn’t sure, maybe he just recovered during his sleep. But as Nicky Gumbel tells us – the more we pray the more coincidences happen.

For another account of healing, watch Cheryl’s story.

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