Let’s do a collab

Leading a youth ministry can be a lonely experience. Networking with other leaders in your area can not only help combat that feeling of isolation, but it also creates an opportunity for equipping youth, city-wide, to reach their schools with the gospel. 

Chris and Ruben are a part of the 780 Network which is a connection grid for youth pastors and youth to build friendships and get equipped to reach the city of Edmonton with the gospel. 

In Part 1 of our conversation with Chris and Ruben, they walk us through how working together for the sake of the gospel has been a win for everyone. 

Looking for a way to get the youth in your city to serve together?

Thousands of youth across Canada have run Alpha for their friends. It’s an awesome way to equip and empower youth to share the gospel, and create a space where their friends can come and ask life’s big questions.

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