We’ve got some great data on Gen Z. So what?

Gen Z’s primary emotion around faith conversations is, wait for it…calm. Our recent study with Barna, looking at a sample of over 1500 youth across Canada, shows us that youth are not afraid to talk about their faith. Not only that, they don’t feel judged when people disagree with them. The big question we’re left with is, so what?

What do these findings reveal to us, as youth leaders and pastors, when it comes to how we engage with our youth? In this latest video on Reviving Evangelism in the Next Generation, Alpha for Youth National Director, Tim Gonsalves, unpacks, “So what?”

Reviving Evangelism in the Next Generation

Find the full report and more discussion around the key findings on this study of youth in Canada, and their thoughts and feelings around sharing the Good News of Jesus.

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