What does a thriving parish look like during a pandemic?

With the COVID-19 pandemic having such an impact on our ability to connect with people in person, the Church has had to welcome and invite people into community and conversations about faith in new and creative ways.

In A Conversation with Thriving Parishes & Great Leaders, we learn from parish leaders Tanya Noye (Community & Growth team leader at St. Benedict) and Adrian Rojo de la Vega (Evangelization team leader at St. Ignatius of Loyola) the innovative ways they are using Alpha online to create a space for people to find community and explore their big questions about life.

“Alpha has really been such a blessing to us. It is our number one tool for evangelization. It’s really helped with our parish overall in creating this culture of invitation, which we really value. Alpha is embedded in everything that we do at our parish.” – Tanya

Despite the challenges of initially transitioning Alpha from in-person to online, both Tanya and Adrian have found Alpha online in many ways to be more effective at engaging people. In this webinar, Tanya and Adrian share the different tools within virtual media that worked for them, how prayer is equally powerful online, and how inviting friends into a conversation about Jesus on ZOOM is often less intimidating.

“Our mission is to go out and spread the gospel everywhere. Alpha does that so easily. With Alpha, we can bring people to our community and present a personal and transformative encounter with Jesus. We’ve seen a lot of fruits. Regardless of the pandemic or isolation, guests have the feeling of, ‘I don’t feel alone. I feel the love of God actually coming to my house.’”- Adrian

If you’re curious about exploring new ways God can move in your church community during this time of pandemic and beyond, check out the webinar to learn more from Adrian and Tanya about Alpha online.

Staying connected as a parish and reaching people with the Gospel is hard during the pandemic. Alpha online is a way to engage your parish in evangelization in this season. Alpha helps create a space where everyone feels safe to ask their questions about life, faith and Jesus.

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