Alpha Online is Engaging Generation Z

It may seem like unbelief and atheism are on the rise in Gen Z, but across Canada we’re seeing students engage their friends in conversations about faith like never before. Watch Jackson and Flora’s story to find out more.

When the pandemic hit Youth Pastor, Jackson Rogers, thought youth ministry was going to be a write off for the season. He decided to encourage his students to run Alpha online for their friends and was amazed by the number of youth that came online to explore their questions about life, faith, and Jesus.

Flora is one of Jackson’s student leaders who invited her friends to Alpha online. Through Alpha, she was able to engage with her friends on a deeper level and be a support to them during the pandemic. Flora left high school knowing she shared the gospel with as many of her friends as possible.

Many leaders are struggling to reach out to youth in their communities because of the complexities caused by the pandemic. Running Alpha for youth online offers you a simple program to reach new youth and stay connected with your students. 

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